00/W Audi Cabriolet 2.8 manual (aircon)
11700 miles from new guaranteed as genuine. 1 owner from new, this vehicle formed part of a significant collection and has been offered for sale in order to make way for new additions. For most of its life it has been stored in a dehumidified bubble so is unusually well preserved outside, inside and crucially underneath (see underneath footage towards the end of the above video).

Due to the low mileage, particularly in recent years, servicing has been sporadic but obviously it has never done many miles between oil changes. MOT history records available online confirm the mileage as genuine (as does the pedigree of the vehicle's only owner). We have brought it fully up to date by performing the first cambelt change with water pump and thermostat as well as a full service. We have also replaced all 4 tyres which were previously the original Pirellis fitted from new. They still had plenty of tread remaining but at 20 years old we felt it wise to replace them with some new Audi approved Pirellis.
New MOT on sale
We replaced the original battery with an Exide Premium which failed within a week so this has been replaced with another from Austrian manufacturer 'Banner'.
Below is a timeline to show the work performed which includes that above and more:
11/4/2020 - During final testing we have found a fluid leak from the power hood mechanism which requires a £400 hydraulic cylinder. This has been ordered from Audi Tradition in Germany as it's obsolete through UK dealers. As a result, until it's repaired, we've decided to stop marketing the car beyond this page and any interested parties should contact us when we are able again to sell cars again post lockdown.
27/4/2020 - The new hydraulic cylinder has been fitted. We are now awaiting our trusted mechanic to replace the cambelt, water pump and thermostat. We'd do it ourselves but speciaiist tools are required which we will probably never need again (he owns a B5 Audi RS4 so has regular need for them)
4/5/2020 - The cambelt has now been replaced (it was the original and in good condition). We used an original quality Dayco kit which also included roller and tensioner. The water pump which is driven by the cambelt was also replaced. It was leaking past the bearing which is typical of a car that's been left unused for long periods. The thermostat which can fail at any time and requires cambelt removal to access was renewed too.

5/5/2020 - We have been able to supply a brand new spare key, coding it ourselves to both the immobiliser and the remote locking, only the laser cutting of the blade was subcontracted out to a car key specialist.
12/5/2020 - There are minor marks on the rear wheels which we are going to have rectified by Prestige Wheel Centre who have now reopened.
- The new Exide battery was defective so we have now fitted one from Austrian company Banner
21/5/2020 - The wheels were collected from Prestige Wheel Centre and we then replaced all 4 tyres which were the original Pirelli P6000s fitted from the factory marked as manufactured in 1999. These have been swapped for a set of Pirelli P7 Cinturato tyres with AO marking meaning they are approved by Audi.
22/5/2020 - We weren't happy with the colour of the refurbished wheels so they've been returned to be refinished. Still hoping to be on sale from the 1st of June 2020.
29/5/2020 - The wheels are back and colour is good so hope to do final test drive and prep then reshoot on 30/5/2020 to be on sale ready for 1/6/2020

Complete owners manual pack.As-new yellow edged cloth floor mats which are part of the car's original factory specification.2 remote keys.
Current MOT to July 2020 but this should be extended automatically by six months due to COVID-19.

Specification includes air conditioning, 17" alloy wheels, power hood, trip computer, cruise control.

Cars like this don't come up very often. The Audi Cabriolet is now becoming appreciated as a modern classic thanks to its timeless good looks. This example capitalises on this by also being extremely low mileage and possibly a one off in this specification in the UK. While most of these sold in 1999/2000 were Final Editions, this one is believed to be a far rarer 'quattro GmbH' edition. This doesn't mean it's 4 wheel drive but that it features a customisation package devised by Audi subsidiary company 'quattro LTD' who at the time were responsible for 'Audi Exclusive' individualisation packages, as well as now the legendary high performance RS models.
We've added a tour of the underside to the video above which is truly incredible for a 5 year old car let alone one 4 times older and is not something you can take for granted even on a car with such low mileage as it all depends on how it's been stored. So many high value modern classics have undersides the seller would rather you didn't see but we feel it's as important if not more so than the upper panels when it comes to the long term condition and therefore investability of a vehicle.